Long time no post

IMGP3322 IMGP4195 _XT10465

I have been very quiet of late and had hoped that my humans would have got their act together and told the world about my life at KSE. I have protested and Sue has finally agreed to put finger to keyboard for me and Oates.

2015 has seen a number of changes at KSE including the clearance of the site for a new engine shed, the Easter Rally and a photoshoot for the lovely steam-punk crew over late May bank holiday. Oates and I enjoyed the events and are looking forward to the model railway show on 27th and 28th June followed by the Murder Mystery Event on Saturday 4th July.

Tickets can be purchased via the following link


Oates and I are looking forward to the murder mystery as we always get great titbits and we love to meet new people. The After Dark Murder Mystery crew are a lovely group of people and they also like cats www.afterdarkmurdermystery.co.uk

Having convinced Sue that I should post at least twice per month I hope to be back online soon


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Looking forward to 2015 season


Oates and I have had a great Christmas at KSE and enjoyed seeing the happy children visiting Santa. We have had a fantastic year at KSE and we love the fact that Rob and Jill visit frequently to see us and do the jobs on site.

Donna Usher (a  former cataphobe) is our new friend and we try our best to avoid upsetting her and she seems to have decided that we are not a threat to her. We love the visits from Diana Crompton who travels all the way from Prescot near Liverpool to see us ( and work in the shop and buffet) because she always brings us treats. We loved the Santa event because our friend Tom Wilson and his traction engine mates visited. We were delighted with the Christmas present from Tom and Anita and are looking forward to seeing him again at Easter.

The site is looking very tidy and we love the new rolling stock that arrived during 2014. Rob is working very hard (in all weathers) to spruce up his guard’s coach and the box van is looking very smart.

The site is being made ready for 2015 and we look forward to meeting you. Finally we want to wish Alfie (Rushden station cat) all the best after his dog attack.

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Christmas is coming to KSE

It has been a long time since I was moved to write a post for my blog and as you know us cats are independent creatures who don’t like order.

A lot has happened at KSE since my last post. Oates has become less feral and I am now the proud wearer of a new collar. I am the chief cat at KSE and have gained the prime position in the mess room. Kiwi has not decided if he wants to stay in the station or not and we have a regular Robin who visits us and we let him have some of our biscuits.

The station has been transformed for Santa who will be with us this weekend.

The pictures below show Oates sunning himself in the Summer and me asleep in the mess room


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Oates is getting braver

I have been training my apprentice  Oates in the roles of responsibilities of a station cat and he is slowly learning the ropes. He has an annoying habit of banging his head on things when he should be ducking and he is not THAT tall compared to Kiwi who is a panther like moggie with one white patch on the chest which means 910’s buffers is the favourite hiding place.

Oates has been abused by humans in the past and walks with a limp but he is gradually learning to trust my friends at KSE and even let Mike and Sue stroke his back last week. He still has an annoyingly loud meow which announces his arrival (most undignified) but at least nobody will tread on him.

He is interested in all things technical and was very impressed with the new compressor to clean out the tubes of FC Tingey.

IMGP2676 IMGP2677 IMGP2678

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Life goes on at KSE

My humans have had a very busy time over the summer with a wide range of events including a steam rally, model railway show and murder mystery events in addition to regular steam days and footplate experience courses.

I have watched with interest as the many visitors have been to KSE and a number have come just to see me!

The next few months will see the humans busy getting FC Tingey ready for its 14 month examination and as a result I will have to find somewhere else to sleep.

I like my new friends Rob and Gill who have moved up from somewhere down south called Ipswich. They used to volunteer on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway but I haven’t heard of any station cats from there.

My human benefactor and friend Alan Cliff has been very kind to the three of us at KSE and Oats and Kiwi have enjoyed the food (but not the worming treatment) that his money bought. We are looking forward to a new Jack the Station Book as it has been a while since we had one and also waiting for the new Richard Picaver picture said to feature yours truly.

I will finish for now with some pictures from events at KSE over the summer.

946704_521079194595571_1827137989_n 012 044 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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Lost in Cyberspace!

Apologies for the lack of posts from Quaker, Oats and Kiwi at Kirkby Stephen East

Our blog was lost in cyberspace due to migration to another past of the server from our host. This is all double Dutch to us cats but hope that you will check out our human’s website www.kirkbystepheneast.co.uk  and their facebook page


Posts will be more regular from now on.


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KSE is getting warmer

IMGP2554 The snow appears to have finally melted and the nights are getting shorter. The picture for today shows KSE at the begining of March and it was very cold that day.

I am told that it will be 15 degrees tomorrow but I will believe that when I feel it.

We are 1,000 feet above sea-level and it takes a lot to warm up KSE. I believe we will be operating trains again for May Bank Holiday  so I know where Oats and I will be that weekend. The warmth of FC Tingey’s fire is all I need but the sunshine would be nice.

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Easter was fun

Oats, Kiwi and I are very lucky cats and we are loved by our humans at KSE. We enjoyed the set up for the event as for two days before we had people on sight. See our facebook page and website for further pictures:  www.kirkbystepheneast.co.uk

I was so grateful to them that I caught a young rabbit and the humans were impressed with me. Oats likes the Class 37 and he is welcome to it ( see my earlier posts about the jubilee weekend)

IMGP2563 IMGP2555

There were 2,500 people on site for the event and I am told that enough money was raised to feed me an my fellow employees for the season but that the monies will also be used to fund further work on the site. Please spare a thought for less fortunate animals and support the campaign to prevent cruelty to animals


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Easter Rally Plans


Oats and I will be welcoming visitors to KSE this weekend as the site is open for the first passenger trains of the season and the Classic Commercial  Vehicle  rally and we hope the weather will be warmer than last weekend when we had loads of snow.

Why not call into KSE over the weekend – there are free buses between the West station KSE, Kirkby Stephen and Brough. Trains will be operating at KSE 10am  -4pm and you will have a great day. There is a chick hunt for the youngsters and a tombola. The buffet car will be open and I am looking forward to the left overs.

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Go away snow

It has been a cold weekend at KSE and we have been snowed in.

My humans have been unable to get to the site across the A66 but thankfully Claire and Phil have been on site and keeping me amused.

I hope that the A66 opens soon and that next weekend’s event is able to go ahead

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